The security of your items stored on our premises is paramount to us and to help achieve this we taken the following steps. Installed electronically operated gate requiring the use of a swipe card, each card is unique and logged to a tenant. Once inside the complex all of the concrete drive ways are continually monitored by one of ten CCTV cameras and any movement recorded onto a hard disc.

Each unit has provision for two padlocks the base of which is secured to the concrete floor. The padlocks are provided by you and only you have the keys meaning only you have access to your individual unit.

NOTE:  Although we have taken steps to keep your items secure, for your own peace of mind we recommend that you take out insurance on any item stored on our premise.

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Managing Agent


Managing Agent


Electronically Operated Gate
13 CCTV Cameras
Helpful & Friendly Staff
Locally owned and run
We employ a local security company