You should always carefully plan your storage for protection and to save storage space. Here are some helpful suggestions for storage.

Fridges & freezers
Defrost dry and clean before storing leave the door slightly ajar and place a deodoriser in side.

Washing machines
Drain water from hoses and tape them to the back of machine.

Where possible remove legs and tape to underside. Stand on end and protect with drop sheets Mattresses should be wrapped in plastic.

Clothing and Linen etc
Pack in secure cartons or plastic with mothballs or similar product seal all cartons and label.

Dishes and glassware
Individually wrap in packing paper and pack in strong cartons, marked fragile. Fill any gaps in the cartons with packing.

Pack flat not on their spine in cartons.

Mirrors, Paintings etc
Wrap in bubble wrap or flat pack cartons store them standing on their edge in an upright position.

Battery Operated Appliances
Remove batteries to avoid damage from leaking batteries.

Metal Items and Tools
Wrapping silver ware in non-acid tissue paper and in plastic bags. This can help to reduce tarnishing. Wipe chrome and metal with a little oil to help reduce rust.

Mowers and other Machinery
Drain oil and fuels from the machinery.

Computers and entertainment Systems
Use original cartons if possible alternatively wrap items in bubble wrap and pack in strong cartons back up any hard disk before storing.

Packing and labelling cartons room by room can make the unpacking easier.